Dan and Gretchen

Mission Statement

Our mission, through evangelism, evangelism training, and testimony, is to reach in and encourage the Church while reaching out and drawing close those who have never heard the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Apprentice Ministries, Inc.

Apprentice Ministries is an evangelistic training ministry resource that makes available the many different services Dan and Gretchen Jester offer to you and your church.

Apprentice Ministries, Inc. was born out of a vision to enable the Body of Christ to grow in the areas of evangelism and evangelism training, teaching by coming alongside people, helping them to learn by doing, not just hearing. Scripture calls us to not merely hear the word and walk away, forgetting all we have heard, but to put it into practice (James 1:22). Because of this knowledge, when God’s word makes it clear we are to evangelize our world for His sake, we believe it is something we are to DO and that we are called by God to walk alongside you, helping you DO as well!

If your values are the same as ours, this counsel in the areas of evangelism and evangelism training will be rewarding and refreshing to every aspect of your walk with Christ!

Who We Are

The Services We Offer:

  • Evangelistic Teaching and Training for Youth Camps, Group Meetings, & Outreach Events with Dan & Gretchen Jester
  • Evangelistic Teaching and Training for church leadership and other Church Events with Dan Jester
  • Other options Dan Jester offers
  • Worship Training, Worship Services, & Concerts with Gretchen Jester
  • Other options Gretchen Jester offers


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